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March 22, 2019  

117 “RetroPie Interview with Jools Wills”

The boys sit down for a serious interview with one of the developers of the RetroPie project, gushing over how much they love the software. Jools hangs out for an hour or retro gaming talk and shares the history and future of the RetroPie Project.

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March 15, 2019  

116 “Game On, Arrow Off!”

Season 2 of Cobra Kai drops and Adam starts drooling. The guys can't wait to play the original SimCity on their $3000 PCs and then Dave gets his Star Wars geek on thinking about owning his own speeder bike! And stick around for this week's Unsigned Music Spotlight!

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March 8, 2019  

115 “You’re Killing Me, Thunderclap!”

The guys rant about Apple Podcast's episode number snafu, they discuss the Thunderclap vulnerability, try to figure out the insane people behind the Momo Challenge, reminise about a portable system none of them have, Apex becoming king of the Battle Royale and then get excited for the return of a great baseball movie!

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March 1, 2019  

114 Souper Review The Bridges of Madison County

The guys discuss Samsung’s new folding phone, superheroes at the Oscars, then have a deep discussion on The Bridges of Madison County!

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February 22, 2019  

113 Full Length Albums and a Boat Accident

This week there are only two of us, but we bring some good content! We talk about Ultra HD Netflix, Jay and Silent Bob coming back, music, and strange ways to describe movies. Check it!

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February 15, 2019  

112 Sci-Fi Research and Roof Pickles

This week the guys are back in full force, bringing you news on Libre Office, Ad-Blocking, and some awesome sounding Sci-Fi-ish research that has been taking place by the government!

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February 8, 2019  

111 The Gonna Geek Invasion

With Jason and Adam away Dave and Chris decide to play. Apple lays the smackdown on Facebook and Google, Dave talks about how he thinks Steve Buscemi is way hotter than Jennifer Lawrence, Epic takes on Steam and what is going on in Canada with the keyfobs?

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February 1, 2019  

110 Souper Reviews - The Italian Job

It’s been a while but we are back with a slightly tweaked formula for our monthly movie review installment called Souper Reviews with a re-watch of The Italian Job! Of course we’ve got a couple quick news items to touch on AND we’re crowning our Best Batman Film in our #BestBatFilmDebate Geek Off!

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January 25, 2019  

109 Bablio And Black Field

Can you believe cassette sales actually grew in 2018?! Jack Black and James Hetfield formed a new band at The Chris Cornell Tribute Concert! Will Mario Kart Tour finally get released? And who’s moving on in our #BestBatFilmDebate!

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January 15, 2019  

108 Bird Box And Impossible Burger Ranting

Wow, a lot of conversation in this show! The guys discuss the merits of a potentially amazing new photo technology, then talk about if your doorbell camera is spying on you, followed by a tremendous rant about burgers! You’re not gonna want to miss this!

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